Thursday, November 20, 2014

Greeting Cards!!!

Woohoo!  Archival Arts is now offering short run greeting and note cards.  This service is replacing our fabric printing since the fabric printing has not had the demand needed to keep the machinery printing.  We have had a great deal of demand for cards lately so we are trying it out!  Here's some Q&A's....

What size can you print?
5x7 and 4.25x5.5

What papers can I print on?
Linen, which is a matte finish with a crosshatch texture.
The crosshatch will show through on your image.

Satin, which is a semi gloss.  Same finish on both sides, but easy to write on.

High Gloss, which is matte finish on the back side to make it easier to write on.

Can I print just a couple?
Yes! any amount up to 100 cards per image.
If you are planning to print more than a couple hundred cards we would prefer you use
a short run offset printer like

Can you print a bleed? 
Yes, but only on the front of the card, not on the inside, (a bleed is when the image goes all the way to the edge of the card.

Do they come with envelopes?
We are stocking regular white envelopes. If you need clear boxes try and

What do they cost?
Pricing ranges from 55 cents each to just over $1 each depending on size and paper.

Do you have quantity discounts?
No, since we are only doing short runs, we are not offering quantity discounts.
That being said, our pricing is very reasonable!

Does the pricing include design?
If you have an image on file here at Archival Arts and you want a simple card with your image and your name on the back, we will set up your card for $8.  If you want special designs, we will charge a design fee of $60 per hour.
Please note, if you want all of your images on file to be designed on cards, we will charge our hourly rate.

Is the color going to be as good as my giclees?
We cannot guarantee accurate color matching on the cards since laser printer color tends to drift as it is printing. That being said, most of the cards we have printed so far are very close to the original art.
Please note that large areas of solid color may show some streaking.
Darker images also tend to run dark.
Warning, We will not sit at the printer and run proof after proof until the color is correct. Laser printing is not an exact science so we ask that you are reasonably flexible with color matching and print quality. We may ask you to see a proof first if you are ordering a great deal of prints.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call.  Hope to see you soon!