Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday hours!

Happy holidays to all our loyal customers!
We will be closed on December 26th but will be open Tuesday through Friday. Don't forget about our annual 20% off sale the whole month of January! Call us early before the scans pile up!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Exhibition at the Schuler School

 The Schuler School of Fine Arts is having their annual Holiday Exhibition this weekend!

Several of our customers including Hans Schuler, Beth de Lioselle and Fritz Briggs will be featured in the show. In fact here are some of their recent paintings that you might see when you visit the show at 7 W. Lafayette Avenue in Baltimore. Their phone number is 410-685-3568.
"Six Gourds" oil painting by Hans Schuler

"Magnolias"  oil painting by Beth de Lioselle

Award Winning Painter and Customer - Carol Thompson

The other day we were perusing our latest issue of "Artists' Magazine" where we read that  Carol Thompson received honorable mention in their 28th annual art competition in the animal category.  We contacted Carol to congratulate her and discovered that she had won three more finalist awards from the Art Renewal Center.  Decidedly so, Carol is quite proud of this achievement since only one other artist in the country received this honor in three categories. We've included images of her paintings that won these prestigious awards.
Carol Thompson's oil painting"What Got Me Here" won a finalist award in the landscape category.
Carol Thompson's " Waiting for a Friend" oil painting won a finalist award in the animal category.
And the third finalist award for Carol Thompson was in the still life category for "Woven Heritage"

Friday, November 25, 2011


Maybe you think that the customers at Archival Arts are strictly  fine art painters and draftsmen but that is not entirely true. While we adore our distinctive group of artists, we also work on personal and fun projects such as photo composites. These range from basic background changes like the one below where we added a more interesting sky - to more lighthearted ideas such as restoring old family snapshots that have faded with time. So if you have a drawer with some faded or funny photos that you want to enhance or change or even add a person who was not in the original photo, give us a call and see what our creative staff can do. We are always ready to listen. 410-247-7771.
BEFORE photo-where the sky was just not interesting that day

AFTER photo where a blue sky added by staff at Archival Arts really makes the bright fall foliage sing!

BEFORE photo -Just a gang of guys in a club basement...all faded and grey!

AFTER photo - now we can see their shining faces after photo enhancement by Archival Arts.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Job of the Week - Debbie Zwiebach

Artist Debbie Zwiebach

We are continuously bowled over by the artwork of New York City native Debbie Zwiebach. Her elegant designs and intricate drawings display Debbie’s distinctive ability to unerringly focus on the combination of color, line and shape. It’s fascinating to know that, in the words of the artist, “these designs started as small doodles.” What an amazing evolution occurs from that modest but powerful scribble! Debbie has taken her stunning artwork in several directions from two-dimensional framed pieces to three-dimensional accessories which include home and personal adornment objects. Her most recent project is a one woman show titled "Black and White and Hue". The show, which includes the introduction of her aforementioned product line, opens at Fells Point's Dead End Saloon on Saturday, November 19 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

"Black and White and Hue"
November 19 - December 21, 2011
Dead End Saloon
935 Fell Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

 Meanwhile here are some of the pieces that more than likely will appear in the show. Sell it all, Debbie!

"Garden of Eve"

"Queen of Hearts"

"Sunlit Through the Leaves"
"Gears of Time"

Friday, September 30, 2011

Clara Nilles - Job of the Week

Maryland artist Clara Nilles.
 Artist Clara Nilles has been drawing and painting since her early childhood in Baltimore, Maryland. Frequent visits to the zoo during her young life laid the groundwork for her obsession with both land and sea animal imagery. Following an 18-year-career in business and finance Nilles answered the creative call and took the plunge to pursue her dream of being a full-time artist. Around this time Clara began coming to Archival Arts with a series of  radiant, acrylic paintings and pastels for scanning and printing.  It is always a joyful experience for us to see what new creatures have flowed from her head onto her canvas. We recently completed a rather large job for her, printing over a hundred brilliantly colored animal paintings on canvas for a gallery show in Annapolis, MD.  Here’s to continued success, Clara!

"Candy Sprinkle Spotted Seals" - giclée on canvas by Clara Nilles

"Moody Blue Octopus on Sahara Gold" -  giclée on canvas by Clara Nilles

"Glowing Owl on Deep Amethyst" - giclée on canvas by Clara Nilles

Friday, September 16, 2011


Archival Arts is having a mat board sale this fall. It has been an inordinately busy summer here with an abundance of scanning, printing and framing all types of art. Now we find that we have some left over mat boards that just might suit your project and your budget. In our lobby we just installed a large rack that holds a wide assortment of sizes and colors of archival mat board. Next time you visit take a look and see if you can use a few pieces. They come in awfully handy for presenting your unframed prints, especially in  browse bins at art shows.  Presentation is extremely important. It gives your customer confidence in your art ---who does not want that! Stop by soon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Diana Voisin

Artist Diana Voisin with a print from her "Barcode" series.
Anne Arundel County resident Diana Voisin makes a trip with her paintings to Archival Arts a couple of times per month. We met Diana early this year when she arrived with her first in a series of large bar code paintings which we scanned and printed. It must have been a big hit because since then we have been busy not only filling additional print orders for this image but scanning more paintings for her as well.
"Heart" giclée print by Diana Voisin
A candidate for a degree in fine art at Anne Arundel Community College, Voisin also carries a major in graphic design. One can immediately sense the influence of her interest in design reflected in her paintings such as “Heart” and "Barcode" on her web site.  Busy with building her portfolio, the student artist tells us that she plans, upon graduating next year, to transfer to a university where she will continue her work to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
Good luck Diana and keep working hard.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Greeting Cards- How do you proceed?

A sample of some greeting cards that a few of our artists have had printed.
A  question with which we are frequently presented here is, "Does Archival Arts print greeting cards?" And our answer is, "Archival Arts can create the digital files for you to upload to the web site of your choice, but we do not actually handle the printing of your cards." We have found that this solution works best for everyone since we are primarily a shop which prints fine art giclées. And since the staff is trained to handle all types of digital files we are more than prepared to help you assemble what you need and point you in the proper direction. Just give us a call and set up an appointment so that we can get you started. Many of our clients have already had their cards printed and here is a sampling of their work.
"Arabbers" by Mary Jo Kotwas.

"Happy Birthday 2 You" by Cynthia Johnson

 There are many, many on-line shops that will print your cards. In fact we are providing a list here for you but we can not necessarily recommend them.

 Next Day Flyers
Modern Postcard

It might be a good idea for you to report about on-line printing shops that you have used. We'd love for you to share your experience whether it was good or bad. So take a moment to tell us here what you think and even add some printers that we have omitted.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Pricing Calculator

Many of our customers' phone calls concern requests for pricing quotes of our products and services.  Always searching for ways to streamline the business, we were able to create a pricing spreadsheet that allowed us, very quickly, to answer pricing questions for scanning and prints, including odd sizes.  In order to become ever more efficient we discovered a way to give our customers online access to this price calculator enabling them to obtain answers about pricing 24 hours-a-day. This is a terrific tool for our clients who want to create customized price guides for their own website or gallery sales. It also allows you the luxury of endlessly entering various sizes when figuring price points for volume sales for art festivals or wholesale accounts.  For example, within the calculator you can easily enter the dimensions for a print size and it will instantly give you the price Archival Arts charges you for prints.  This handy spreadsheet includes pricing for scans, watercolor prints, canvas prints, varnish for canvas, stretcher frame pricing and labor for stretching.  There is also a section at the bottom that calculates the total cost of print, varnish, stretcher and labor for canvas prints.  Even if you don't use computers much, this spreadsheet is extremely easy to use. Merely type in your two dimensions in the yellow boxes and the rest is automatic.  Please avoid changing numbers or text below the yellow boxes as it can damage the spreadsheet.  Give it a try!  You can find a link on the front page of our website. If you currently receive volume or wholesale pricing and would like to use the spreadsheet, please give us a call at 410-247-7771.  We would be glad to email you a copy of the spreadsheet to use in Microsoft Excel. 

Friday, August 5, 2011


Here's What our Facebook Page Looks Like.
Are you a fan of Archival Arts and our premium, fine-art products and services? Have you seen our Facebook page?  Then, in the vernacular of the day we say please “Like” us on Facebook and you'll receive 10% off your next scan. If you are not sure how to do this, it’s as easy as pie.  Just long onto your Facebook account and type Archival Arts in the search box. This takes you to our page and once you are there just click on the “Like” button. Then you are an official fan of ours and will receive our updates on your Facebook news feed. We’d love to see you soon and give you the 10% discount on a digital scan of one painting,  drawing or photograph.  And by the way this is a limited offer - good for one scan.  We are looking forward to seeing you on our Facebook page very soon!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Laura Gardiner - Reproduction Expert

Some of our customers have already had the pleasure of meeting Archival Arts’ Reproduction Expert Laura Gardiner. Others have only glimpsed the side of her face as she is absorbed in skillfully proofing artists’ digital files. She operates our Betterlight scanner, programs the large format printers, and even makes the stretchers and panels for mounting your art. She is equally adept at handling the final stage of framing and can answer many of  your questions about our services and products.

A 2010  graduate of UMBC, Laura holds a BA in Visual Arts with emphasis on Photography. We’ve included here some of Laura’s artwork from her award-winning senior exhibit in the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture on the campus of UMBC.
Laura poses at her 2011 show with some of her models.
"Jill" (12" x 18")  2010 photograph by Laura Gardiner

"Saira" (12 x 18")  2010 photograph by Laura Gardiner.
In addition to her love of the arts, this native of Frederick, MD has a passion for Vonnegut, vinyl and vino.  Her creative and technical background makes her an excellent fit for us. So, if you haven't already, on your next visit to Archival Arts say hi to Laura!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kathy Thompson - Job of the Week

Artist Kathy Thompson with "Paris at Sunset"
 We are delighted to welcome one of our newest clients, painter Kathy Thompson. She comes to us from Silver Spring, MD where she  paints all sorts of vivid, European influenced imagery.  Kathy finds the bulk of of her inspiration from French impressionists ranging from Monet to Matisse. In fact it was the paintings of these 19th and 20th century "revolutionaries" who spoke to her so loudly that she made the decision to seriously pursue her painting. A prolific painter, Thompson brought us at least a dozen works last week.  As we work scanning, proofing and printing  this series one could very well feel a connection to the allure of the provençal culture. On this side of the Atlantic you might find Kathy participating with a group at  Washington, DC's International Art and Artists where she is a member. Please join us here with a post in welcoming Kathy to Archival Arts.  Bienvenu Kathy! 

"Pastis" oil on board by Kathy Thompson.

"Sunflower"  oil on canvas by Kathy Thompson.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Call us for an appointment during our summer promotion.

The decision of which family relation inherits the precious ancestral portraits no longer needs to be a source of dispute or rivalry within the family. In the past few years we have been scanning and reproducing these priceless paintings and, in some cases by request, have restored and altered the images as well. More often than not, following this creative procedure, the high-quality reproductions are distributed to many of the relatives allowing them to enjoy the remembrance of their fore bearers in their own homes. It can have a very unifying effect. It is up to you, the client, to make the decision how to proceed once we scan your original. Recently we scanned a portrait and faithfully restored and reproduced several stretched canvas prints. Once they were appropriately framed, it was very difficult to discern which painting was the original.  Currently Archival Arts is showcasing this service with a summer promotion.  We will, at no charge, carefully pick up and deliver your originals (minimum size 16” x 20”) through July and August 2011. See our postcard here for details and of course you can always call us for specific information.

"Aunt Mabel lovingly restored and reproduced at Archival Arts.

Free pickup and delivery through August 2011.
(restrictions apply)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Joan Gaither - Job of the Week

Joan Gaither holding a print of her quilt "National Black Theatre"
 Baltimore artist and educator Joan M.E. Gaither, Ed. D spent some time with us this July afternoon. On several occasions Dr. Gaither has brought the staff at Archival Arts an oversize project such as this very large quilt she made for the National Black Theatre. We love the challenge of scanning her big pieces and then printing them on smaller paper and canvas. One could spend hours studying the myriad of images she assembles to complete her quilts.  When discussing her work, the documentary story quilter says " As an artist, I’ve discovered that my voice is informed by an interest in mixed media, fibers, and photographic images that allow close scrutiny of surfaces and metaphors for personal meaning."
"Black Watermen" quilt by Joan Gaither.

"Trails, Tracks, Tarmack" by Joan Gaither.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Joe Krastel - Job of the Week

Joe Krastel picking up his framed art here last week.

When East Baltimore’s Joe Krastel  is not painting some of his favorite Maryland subjects he’s working very hard at his thriving design company called Just Extreme Graphix.  Located in East Baltimore for over 16 years, Joe’s business has grown into a very busy shop where they design and print T-shirts and apparel which are shipped throughout the United States.
Over the past six years Just Extreme Graphics has demanded the bulk of Joe’s time and talent. He freely admits that his goal now is to rejoin the art fair circuit part-time where he will sell his paintings and reproductions directly to patrons. This objective is what brings Joe to our shop repeatedly for printing and framing giclées  of his work. We wish him much success as he begins to spend more time on his passion for painting. We’ve included a few images of his below. And if you’d like to reach Joe for business at his shop you may phone him at 410-284-5522.

"Crab Boat" by Joe Krastel.

"Ray Lewis"  by Joe Krastel.
"Flacco" by Joe Krastel

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheri Coulter - Job of the Week

Annapolis artist Cheri Coulter has been with Archival Arts since our early days at the old South Balitmore location. It is interesting to see and chat with her when she is dropping off  exciting new work or picking up a series of giclée prints at our newest location on Benson Avenue in Halethorpe, MD.  A true artist, Cheri has spent her entire life devoted to painting as well as other creative disciplines such as sculpture and photography.  You can catch Cheri at the Whitehall Gallery in Annapolis where she is the part-time manager. Stop by and say hi to her next time you are down that way.  In keeping with the season we've included some of Cheri's colorful work below.
"A Toast to Summer" giclée print by Cheri Coulter

"Bonnie's Water Lily" giclée print by Cheri Coulter

Friday, June 10, 2011

Telltale Tips: The Most Important yet Most Ignored Factor in Selling Art Prints

 If you are reading this blog you're probably already selling prints of your art or are considering selling prints.  Either way, hopefully you have done  a little research on making prints or have found someone to make prints for you.  In my 10 years of printing experience, I have discovered one factor that is overlooked time and time again by both amateur and "professional" art printers.  This factor can greatly reduce the quality of your digital file, and ultimately affect your sales.  I'm talking about image clarity.

1950's Brownie camera with plastic lens.
I know I know, that's a no-brainer right?  If you make prints, of course you want them to be clear.  The problem is, due to our over-exposure to mediocre photo prints, we have been trained to accept blurry images as OK.  In my opinion it all started when Kodak came out with the Brownie camera.  Before the Brownie, photography was mostly limited to professionals who used 8x10 and 4x5 view cameras.  These cameras were very well built and the quality rendered was usually quite good due to the quality of the lenses used.  By the time cameras were cheap enough for families to buy via mass production the size of the film was reduced to medium format while lenses were manufactured smaller with diminished quality.  Because of this the prints made from these cameras were substantially more blurry.  But for the price, we accepted it and it became the norm.  In the years to come, consumer photo quality only got worse. Fast forward a few decades and digital cameras are repeating history, only backwards.  We started out with very low quality digital files in the 1990's, (under 1mb).  Although the camera file sizes increased over time, the quality of the digital camera lenses has more than likely varied from horrible to lackluster.  Again, bad lens quality translates into low quality prints.  

 So there it is!  In a nutshell, our need for cheap, quick turn around has lowered our standards for print quality in the photographic realm.  The problem is, this mentality has made its way into the fine art market, as well as other print markets.  Today, many artists and print houses believe they can create good prints using digital cameras or scanners that use low quality lenses to render the digital file used for printing.  Don't fall for it my friends!  As many of you have found, the scanner we use at Archival Arts plays a major role in the quality of your prints.  It uses the highest quality lens available as well as super high resolution.  Look at the comparison below and judge for yourself.
 Notice the clarity of the pencil lines and the background around the hat.  In addition pay attention the common yellowish cast and lack of detail in the darker areas of the digital camera image.  Keep in mind both of these images are 3"x 3" at 72 dpi for this example.  The dpi count of the file has no influence on the quality of the image.  It is the lens that determines the clarity.  If you are spending a few hundred dollars on an art print, what kind of quality would you want?

Friday, June 3, 2011

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Schuler School of Fine Arts Exhibition - Event of the Week

Beth and Hans at Archival Arts today picking up their
work for the Schuler School Exhibition this weekend.

Hans Guerin and Beth de Lioselle, artists and instructors at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, stopped by this afternoon to pick up their paintings and scans. The talented couple cut it close to the deadline for the internationally known school's painting and sculpture exhibition which opens tomorrow, Saturday, June 4. This event which runs through Monday, June 6 promises to continue its time-honored tradition of exhibiting the work of those who study and teach the traditional techniques of the masters. In addition to the work of Beth and Hans and many more artists, the show includes our clients Hans Briggs and Carol Thompson. Stop by and see their amazing work in person. 

"Chickadee with Hydrangeas"-  oil on panel - by Beth de Lioselle

"Mother Earth" - oil on canvas- by Hans Guerin

"White Cat" - watercolor on paper - by Fritz Briggs

For additional information, contact:
Schuler School of Fine Arts
7 East Lafayette Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-685-3568
Fax: 410-727-5821