Friday, July 15, 2011


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The decision of which family relation inherits the precious ancestral portraits no longer needs to be a source of dispute or rivalry within the family. In the past few years we have been scanning and reproducing these priceless paintings and, in some cases by request, have restored and altered the images as well. More often than not, following this creative procedure, the high-quality reproductions are distributed to many of the relatives allowing them to enjoy the remembrance of their fore bearers in their own homes. It can have a very unifying effect. It is up to you, the client, to make the decision how to proceed once we scan your original. Recently we scanned a portrait and faithfully restored and reproduced several stretched canvas prints. Once they were appropriately framed, it was very difficult to discern which painting was the original.  Currently Archival Arts is showcasing this service with a summer promotion.  We will, at no charge, carefully pick up and deliver your originals (minimum size 16” x 20”) through July and August 2011. See our postcard here for details and of course you can always call us for specific information.

"Aunt Mabel lovingly restored and reproduced at Archival Arts.

Free pickup and delivery through August 2011.
(restrictions apply)

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