Friday, July 8, 2011

Joan Gaither - Job of the Week

Joan Gaither holding a print of her quilt "National Black Theatre"
 Baltimore artist and educator Joan M.E. Gaither, Ed. D spent some time with us this July afternoon. On several occasions Dr. Gaither has brought the staff at Archival Arts an oversize project such as this very large quilt she made for the National Black Theatre. We love the challenge of scanning her big pieces and then printing them on smaller paper and canvas. One could spend hours studying the myriad of images she assembles to complete her quilts.  When discussing her work, the documentary story quilter says " As an artist, I’ve discovered that my voice is informed by an interest in mixed media, fibers, and photographic images that allow close scrutiny of surfaces and metaphors for personal meaning."
"Black Watermen" quilt by Joan Gaither.

"Trails, Tracks, Tarmack" by Joan Gaither.

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