Friday, July 29, 2011


Laura Gardiner - Reproduction Expert

Some of our customers have already had the pleasure of meeting Archival Arts’ Reproduction Expert Laura Gardiner. Others have only glimpsed the side of her face as she is absorbed in skillfully proofing artists’ digital files. She operates our Betterlight scanner, programs the large format printers, and even makes the stretchers and panels for mounting your art. She is equally adept at handling the final stage of framing and can answer many of  your questions about our services and products.

A 2010  graduate of UMBC, Laura holds a BA in Visual Arts with emphasis on Photography. We’ve included here some of Laura’s artwork from her award-winning senior exhibit in the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture on the campus of UMBC.
Laura poses at her 2011 show with some of her models.
"Jill" (12" x 18")  2010 photograph by Laura Gardiner

"Saira" (12 x 18")  2010 photograph by Laura Gardiner.
In addition to her love of the arts, this native of Frederick, MD has a passion for Vonnegut, vinyl and vino.  Her creative and technical background makes her an excellent fit for us. So, if you haven't already, on your next visit to Archival Arts say hi to Laura!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kathy Thompson - Job of the Week

Artist Kathy Thompson with "Paris at Sunset"
 We are delighted to welcome one of our newest clients, painter Kathy Thompson. She comes to us from Silver Spring, MD where she  paints all sorts of vivid, European influenced imagery.  Kathy finds the bulk of of her inspiration from French impressionists ranging from Monet to Matisse. In fact it was the paintings of these 19th and 20th century "revolutionaries" who spoke to her so loudly that she made the decision to seriously pursue her painting. A prolific painter, Thompson brought us at least a dozen works last week.  As we work scanning, proofing and printing  this series one could very well feel a connection to the allure of the provençal culture. On this side of the Atlantic you might find Kathy participating with a group at  Washington, DC's International Art and Artists where she is a member. Please join us here with a post in welcoming Kathy to Archival Arts.  Bienvenu Kathy! 

"Pastis" oil on board by Kathy Thompson.

"Sunflower"  oil on canvas by Kathy Thompson.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Call us for an appointment during our summer promotion.

The decision of which family relation inherits the precious ancestral portraits no longer needs to be a source of dispute or rivalry within the family. In the past few years we have been scanning and reproducing these priceless paintings and, in some cases by request, have restored and altered the images as well. More often than not, following this creative procedure, the high-quality reproductions are distributed to many of the relatives allowing them to enjoy the remembrance of their fore bearers in their own homes. It can have a very unifying effect. It is up to you, the client, to make the decision how to proceed once we scan your original. Recently we scanned a portrait and faithfully restored and reproduced several stretched canvas prints. Once they were appropriately framed, it was very difficult to discern which painting was the original.  Currently Archival Arts is showcasing this service with a summer promotion.  We will, at no charge, carefully pick up and deliver your originals (minimum size 16” x 20”) through July and August 2011. See our postcard here for details and of course you can always call us for specific information.

"Aunt Mabel lovingly restored and reproduced at Archival Arts.

Free pickup and delivery through August 2011.
(restrictions apply)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Joan Gaither - Job of the Week

Joan Gaither holding a print of her quilt "National Black Theatre"
 Baltimore artist and educator Joan M.E. Gaither, Ed. D spent some time with us this July afternoon. On several occasions Dr. Gaither has brought the staff at Archival Arts an oversize project such as this very large quilt she made for the National Black Theatre. We love the challenge of scanning her big pieces and then printing them on smaller paper and canvas. One could spend hours studying the myriad of images she assembles to complete her quilts.  When discussing her work, the documentary story quilter says " As an artist, I’ve discovered that my voice is informed by an interest in mixed media, fibers, and photographic images that allow close scrutiny of surfaces and metaphors for personal meaning."
"Black Watermen" quilt by Joan Gaither.

"Trails, Tracks, Tarmack" by Joan Gaither.