Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HBO's "Veep" Season 4 Prints and Framing

     We have been long anticipating the release of HBO's "Veep" season 4 to see the prints and framing we worked on for about 3 months last fall.  Finally, the new season has started and we are proud to say most of the art on the walls was printed and framed by Archival Arts.  

     It all started when a production assistant for Veep found us on the internet last summer and called to see if we could print a large number of prints on canvas and watercolor paper.  Soon after getting started, we met Jennifer, one of the set decorators, who was surprised we did framing and could turn jobs around very quickly.  For the next few months we provided a great deal of art prints and framing for both the built sets and location sets.  It was a great challenge for us but everything went very smooth and the results are very pleasing.  If you compare the sets from the first 3 seasons, you can see a great improvement in the quality of art on the sets.  We even did a few prints of Mary Jo Tydlacka's art that ended up in a CNN makeup room.  

     Most of the art was sourced from the National Gallery since many of the sets are re-creations of government buildings etc.  Here are some set photos Jennifer sent.  I have been dying to upload them but had to wait until the season was under way!