Friday, September 9, 2011

Diana Voisin

Artist Diana Voisin with a print from her "Barcode" series.
Anne Arundel County resident Diana Voisin makes a trip with her paintings to Archival Arts a couple of times per month. We met Diana early this year when she arrived with her first in a series of large bar code paintings which we scanned and printed. It must have been a big hit because since then we have been busy not only filling additional print orders for this image but scanning more paintings for her as well.
"Heart" giclée print by Diana Voisin
A candidate for a degree in fine art at Anne Arundel Community College, Voisin also carries a major in graphic design. One can immediately sense the influence of her interest in design reflected in her paintings such as “Heart” and "Barcode" on her web site.  Busy with building her portfolio, the student artist tells us that she plans, upon graduating next year, to transfer to a university where she will continue her work to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
Good luck Diana and keep working hard.

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