Friday, September 30, 2011

Clara Nilles - Job of the Week

Maryland artist Clara Nilles.
 Artist Clara Nilles has been drawing and painting since her early childhood in Baltimore, Maryland. Frequent visits to the zoo during her young life laid the groundwork for her obsession with both land and sea animal imagery. Following an 18-year-career in business and finance Nilles answered the creative call and took the plunge to pursue her dream of being a full-time artist. Around this time Clara began coming to Archival Arts with a series of  radiant, acrylic paintings and pastels for scanning and printing.  It is always a joyful experience for us to see what new creatures have flowed from her head onto her canvas. We recently completed a rather large job for her, printing over a hundred brilliantly colored animal paintings on canvas for a gallery show in Annapolis, MD.  Here’s to continued success, Clara!

"Candy Sprinkle Spotted Seals" - giclée on canvas by Clara Nilles

"Moody Blue Octopus on Sahara Gold" -  giclée on canvas by Clara Nilles

"Glowing Owl on Deep Amethyst" - giclée on canvas by Clara Nilles

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