Friday, November 25, 2011


Maybe you think that the customers at Archival Arts are strictly  fine art painters and draftsmen but that is not entirely true. While we adore our distinctive group of artists, we also work on personal and fun projects such as photo composites. These range from basic background changes like the one below where we added a more interesting sky - to more lighthearted ideas such as restoring old family snapshots that have faded with time. So if you have a drawer with some faded or funny photos that you want to enhance or change or even add a person who was not in the original photo, give us a call and see what our creative staff can do. We are always ready to listen. 410-247-7771.
BEFORE photo-where the sky was just not interesting that day

AFTER photo where a blue sky added by staff at Archival Arts really makes the bright fall foliage sing!

BEFORE photo -Just a gang of guys in a club basement...all faded and grey!

AFTER photo - now we can see their shining faces after photo enhancement by Archival Arts.

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