Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Linda Biggs - Job of the Week

Artist Linda Biggs with one of her newest paintings titled "Peace Keeper"

International Rainbow Fairy Artist Linda Biggs has to be one of Archival Arts' most prolific clients.  She regularly brings in new work to be scanned and printed.  Her fantasy imagery is always fresh and intriguing.  Linda tells us a  24" x 40" painting can take  2 - 6 weeks to complete from concept to the finished piece.  She paints with Holbein Watercolors on Fabriano 300 pound heavy weight paper.  Most of her work is 100% watercolor, without masking or any other liquids or supplies.  Once a painting is completed she brings it to us at Archival Arts where we make her fine art reproductions with certificates of authenticity.  You can finder her art on her website, Ebay, many gift shops that carry fairy art and various art festivals.  Linda’s products include original paintings, prints, note cards, small statues and more!  You can catch this artist and her magical works at the upcoming Fairy Festival at Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania.

One of Linda's prints that you will find for sale at the fairy festival.

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