Tuesday, June 25, 2013


"And the Map Says" oil on board (18" x 18") by Craig Haupt

Some of our clients have a terrific sense of humor. Artist Craig Haupt, whose delightful drawings and paintings often demonstrate his comedic gifts, comes to mind immediately. A few weeks ago on Facebook, Craig began posting an art show that he describes as "tongue in cheek."  Titled "Journey to Ukazoo."  he shares images of his artwork to document an imaginary trip across the United States. Every Monday he enters another "stop" along the way augmented by amusing journal entries. This week is it the "wading room" of a veterinarian's office. 
We think this voyage is not only hilariously clever but maybe even a bit brilliant. In order to view the Facebook postings you need only to be a member. "Liking the page is purely optional. Glad we could share this with our audience here. It's great summertime fun.

"No Swimming" giclée print by Craig Haupt

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