Sunday, November 15, 2015


It has been quite a busy year here at Archival Arts! As many of you know, we have had a great deal of changes this year including new employees, a printer upgrade and now a new scanning/capture system. In addition, we have added new waterproof mounting boards for canvas prints and soon we will have an update to our web gallery.

So why all the changes?  After discontinuing the fabric printing last year, I decided to re-focus on our core business this year and implement new technology to make our process even more efficient. Our new Epson 9890 has increased color gamut and printing speed for watercolor prints - an upgrade that keeps us on the leading edge of printing technology.  Even more important is our new Phase One 80 megapixel digital capture system. This "Rolls Royce" of digital cameras has replaced our Betterlight scanner.  You will not notice a difference in print quality but you may see quicker turnaround times and less proofs on our end as we perfect our workflow with the new system. 

Enough tech talk, I would like to thank you all for your patience as our new employees learn the ropes. Lorraine, our new customer service rep, has a very big job learning our unique way of doing business while also building relationships with our customers. She has taken a great deal of pressure off of Nicole and I, and brings experience working with artists as a part time curator.  Please help us help her help you... Uh,  Yeah, that made sense! :)

Susan Ren is our new color tech. She is a recent graduate of UMBC photo and has the very daunting task of learning our brand new workflow while trying to meet the very high expectations of our industry. Her eye for color has advanced leaps and bounds since she started just a few months ago. Please don't be afraid to work with her if you need color changes, she is very proficient in Photoshop and will benefit greatly dealing with our customers one on one. As always, Nicole and I are available to answer questions or deal with issues that may be beyond Susan's expertise. 

Last order of business, our web gallery!
Unfortunately our gallery software was the victim of a very malicious hack near the end of the summer which forced the developer to stop supporting the websites that used the software. That resulted in a shutdown of our gallery.
I am carefully searching for new software that will allow us to offer a better browsing experience and possibly a shopping cart. If anyone has suggestions feel free to send me an email. Mail to:

I know all of these changes have been frustrating for some. It has been a little frustrating for me also. My business is nothing without the close relationships of my customers. I am hoping these changes will allow more time for me to continue building those relationships in the future as well as offer new services that help you sell your art.

Thanks for your time. Hope to see you around the holidays!

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