Friday, May 6, 2011

Painting Exhibit - Zoll Studio

 A huge crowd turned-out for the Zoll Studios of Fine Art show.

Last Friday, April 29 we stopped by the Zoll Studio of Fine Art in Timonium, MD for their annual spring Student and Faculty Exhibit. We were impressed with the abundance of paintings hanging on every wall surface in their spacious facility. It was delightful to see the swelling crowd of enthusiastic patrons studying the paintings while deciding which pieces to purchase. Several of our clients had paintings in the show and Carol Lee Thompson’s “Fading Light” and “Cleanin’ the Traps” appeared to be very popular with the public. We also recognized work by  clients  Carol McClees, Christa Eppinghaus and other artists previously featured in our blog.

 Carol Thompson's "Cleanin' the Traps" captured the attention of this couple.

 People of all ages enjoyed the art including Carol Thompson's painting "Fading Light."

 Carol McClees "Red Bucket"

 "Birdhouse" by Christa Eppinghaus.

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