Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Telltale Tips - Marketing Strategy

Exposure is one of the most crucial tools in marketing.  The ability to offer your customer an affordable way to display your work in their homes and businesses is one of the keys to achieving this goal. Limited edition, giclée prints of your original artwork are tailor made for this approach.  The more artwork you release into the world, the more people will begin to become familiar your style.  Familiarity breeds recognition.  It is about establishing an identity and obtaining the confidence within the community of current and future art collectors.
Having a presence on the internet is no longer optional. A less expensive alternative to a web site  is an on-line gallery. Some sites are free and some charge a yearly rate based on how many files you upload. There are artists’ forums and groups which allow members to upload their work for free.  Once you have your files prepared for this strategy it will be very easy to get more of your work seen on the world wide web. 
For those starting out, we recommend assembling 10-15 of your best images. The manner in which you exhibit your work should look polished.  In other words, have your work  professionally scanned or photographed.  A solid presentation gives potential customers confidence in you and your work.  If you need help assembling a digital portfolio call us at Archival Arts.  For a reasonable price we can help you with that portion of with your marketing campaign.  We’d be very happy to hear from you.  410-247-7771

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