Friday, September 28, 2012

Thumb Drives, A Better Way to Transfer Files

Every day the staff at Archival Arts remains tenacious in keeping pace with ever changing digital technology.  Many of the skills we utilize to ensure your scans and prints are the finest quality are of no direct concern to our customers. That is to say it is not necessary that you understand how we persist in providing you with the highest quality work. However, sometimes we simply must involve you and bring you with us.

Until now, with each scan we have provided you with a CD containing your digital files. This has worked well in the past but we are finding that most of the CDs we provide are lost or given away.
On your next visit we encourage you to update the way you store your important scans. CDs have a limited shelf life and over time can corrupt. Hard drives offer a more stable and adaptable storage alternative so we are asking our customers to consider using a thumb drive to transfer files from Archival Arts to your computer at home.

So now you are thinking, "thumb drive! where do I get a thumb drive?" Archival Arts has them for sale at a cost of $12. They hold up to 4 Gigabytes so this means we can save approximately 15 scans on the thumb drive so you can transfer the files to your system when you get home. This will speed your wait time here when picking up and also give you a method to transfer files to other computers easily.

For our customers who have a great volume of work we want to strongly suggest you use an external USB hard drive for storage as well. As a rule, we cannot guarantee that your files will always be available at Archival Arts. Accidents happen. So at the risk of repeating ourselves please store your files safely at your home or studio. We are happy to help our customers take this next step.

If you do decide to purchase an external USB drive for your files at home, feel free to make an appointment and bring your drive to Archival Arts. We would be happy to transfer everything we have of yours on our server onto your drive.  This will save you the task of transferring all of your cd's to the hard drive.  Please do keep your cd's if you have them..they are still a second backup!  Once everything is transferred, you can use your new thumb drive to transfer new scans from Archival Arts to your computer.

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  1. This is very cool idea and I'm glad to be the very first artist at AR to try this. .....makes data transfer easy!