Monday, September 3, 2012

New Website and Gallery

It's been a few weeks since a blog has been posted but it's only because we have been very busy bees making Archival Arts a better business.  As of today, (Labor Day) our website has been updated.  A nicer look, easier to navigate and a brand new gallery!

If you are not currently in the gallery, don't feel bad!  If you have had scans done at Archival Arts, just subscribe to the gallery and you will soon be able to upload jpeg files of your images.

The gallery is now a SEARCHABLE database that allows users to type in a keyword and see all the art in our database that pertains to that keyword.  It is currently using titles of the art to search the database but that is where YOU come in!

This gallery now allows our artists to modify, delete and upload images once you register and are accepted into the gallery.  It is free to be in the gallery however we have only posted galleries for artists who have had 10 or more pieces scanned at Archival Arts.  Once you are registered you will find tools that will allow you to add keywords to your images.  Please try to do this on your own, we do not have the person-power to handle phone calls for tech support for this FREE service.  Adding keywords to your art will enhance your particular gallery and make your images show up on searches more easily.

Please be aware that this gallery is ONLY for images that have been scanned at Archival Arts with our BetterLight scanner.  Any other images uploaded to the site will be deleted by the administrator. You will only be able to change images in your gallery space.  If you find any art in your gallery that is not yours, please feel free to delete it.

Finally, this gallery is not currently set up to sell art.  If someone is interested in an image, they will call Archival Arts to inquire, we will call the artist to discuss the job and pricing and the buyer will be contacted by Archival Arts to complete the job.  A check or credit will be given to the artist for the amount they asked for, minus the cost of the printing.  Buyers will pay shipping and artists will not be charged a commission.

If for any reason you find any problems with the new website and gallery, please send us an email or mention it the next time we talk.  I would like to avoid a rush of phone calls if at all possible!
I really hope you all enjoy the new gallery.  This has been my dream for a long time and we finally have it up and running!

P.S.  Please refer your friends to this blog if you think it would be useful to them!


  1. This looks GREAT! I love the new gallery and especially like the front page!!

  2. Nice post and Great information:-)